Meet EDAQS Alpha Zero,
the smartest research bot that dances with AI.

EDAQS Alpha Zero is an automated scientific data and statistics research robot that works with intelligent quantification and plays a fundamental role in data retrieval for EDAQS' AI systems.

Once upon a time, there was ...

... EDAQS Alpha Zero, who had the mission to monitor, intelligently accumulate and preprocess data from the digital world. Next, EA0 takes this information and optimizes and quantifies it for the further use with Artificial Intelligence systems.

Anytime EA0 does work for us, we first give it a set of key words, after which it chooses the matching reliable digital properties from a monitored and continuously growing database. Once the target is defined, it is ready to find and gather the right data for our studies and research, which are then also used in some of our systems.
EA0 is non-profit. While it grandly helps to improve EDAQS’ scientific systems such as the below mentioned ones, EA0 gladly helps non-profit organizations and authoritative systems to improve their system and data quality.

Parts of the core algorithm of EA0 are based on an elaborated selection of hi-tech presets from the world’s most renowned universities in Automated Computing and Artificial Intelligence research as well as search engine leaders, such as Google.


EA0'S computing power is used for a number of EDAQS systems as well as independent and university researching projects in AI, Smart Quantification and Automated Computing.

IRDAQ series

The IRDAQ series are the first real time credit rating systems and strive to function as a neutral and uniform financial instrument for the public sector, which will support the stability of financial markets by a clearly defined and fully transparent algorithm.

IFDAQ series

The IFDAQ series determine a scientifically flawless and market-shaped quotation of a fashion entity, which offers market leaders an accurate benchmark for their plans and strategies. Under a strict scientific supervision, it solves several problems of the fashion industry.

EDAQS & Universities

Over a dozen of EDAQS systems as well as research institutions, AI projects and cuniversities are taking advantage of EA0's work.

EA0 supports the AI elite

If you are interested in deploying EA0's power, feel free to reach out to us with your detailed request by clicking the button below.